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I dropped my FrameMaker class because when the prof was running us through what we'd learn over the quarter, I realized I knew how to do everything except for one thing, and then I figured that out by typing "table of contents FrameMaker" into Google. I've got an independent study now (thank you, oh awesome advisor), and I've been fumbling a bit trying to get it going. The answer, it turns out, is a metric. I've never created one before, but most of my undergrad profs used them to explain grading criteria, and there are a lot of examples online. As I'm trying to prove technical writing aspects in comic books, it's a perfect answer. I was up until way too late last night figuring out what needed to go in the metric and testing it out a little. So far, so good.

In other news, I'm proud to announce that I finally took a little time last night and sewed up some small holes in my collection of T-shirts. I had four shirts that I'd meant to mend months ago, and it just didn't happen. They've been sitting on the arm of the couch for awhile, and I finally got tired of trying not to knock them over. One of the holes was on a shoulder seam, and the others were just small wear and tear holes. The repairs aren't absolutely perfect, but they're pretty discreet, and it means I can wear my shirts again without feeling like a slob.

There's not much else going on. We've taken public transit a few more times, but we can walk nearly everywhere we need to go, so we're trying to find excuses to get on the bus, but that's getting harder as the homework load gets a little heavier and we find more stuff within walking distance to explore.

I'm not terribly concerned about our lack of bus time, although I'm sure the next time we take it, I'll get a little worried again. I just can't sit here and worry that I'll get lost on the bus line. Hell, at least if I do, I can ask the driver how to fix it. Would like to have an excuse to get back on the train, though. I do love the train.

All right, it's homework time.



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