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Okay, Portland and I are starting to get along

Rockiest start to a relationship I've ever had.

We got our metro passes today, and they are fucking idiot-proof. If we lose them, the university won't replace them, but as long as that doesn't happen, we're fine. We can get anywhere in the city that's available by public transit. We're headed to Ikea after the groceries are delivered, and we're gonna do it on the train. We've got about 50 minutes either way, but we can keep ourselves entertained, and we won't have to try and understand why a street that is supposed to exist doesn't.

Our books are mostly unpacked. We're out of shelf space, so we're stacking the other half of them up on the wall until we can figure out what to do with them. We've still got most of our furniture to put together, so we don't want to think about shelves just yet.

The Husband absolutely nailed his audition and is officially part of the acting studies program. I reviewed my book list this morning, and not only do I get to buy the Chicago Manual of Style, but I also don't have to buy the books for my Document Design class because they are the exact same books I used in my undergrad advanced tech writing class.

After Ikea tonight we're going to try and get the living room and dining area finished up. I have to put together the chairs for our adorable table, and The Husband is going to get the tv stand and coffee table together after we finish the couch together. Once that's all set up, we can finally put down our area rug. Which is awesome.

I am so happy things are finally settling in correctly.

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