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Not much new to report, but a new report if you want it

We've been getting around a little and doing all right. Had a very weird moment on the bus today when we were looking for a card shop for The Husband. We took the same bus to and from the shop, and it stopped announcing stops after a few blocks. The public transit website says that you can ask the driver to announce upcoming stops, but I can't tell if the automated-sounding announcements are the driver pressing the button to make the digital voice announce a stop or if the automated system on our particular bus was buggy.

Also, I ended up ordering toasters online because it felt easier than trying to find a Target in this city. There are quite a few, but I'm still nervous about getting lost, given our first couple of days here. I know it's all part of a new city, but we got spectacularly lost, and it's making me a little timid. And all the Targets are on weird parts of the bus line. Not "weird" as in "rapehole," but "weird" as in, it requires at least one transfer to go down what looks like the same street. Although, given how the streets in Portland seem to be made of magic and fairy dust when you drive them, I may be onto something.

On the upside, there's a lot of stuff within walking distance including Safeway, an amazing bookstore, and a Whole Foods. We're gonna do a small tour of campus tomorrow and then head down to Whole Foods to get me bread, then I have orientation, and when I come back from that, we're taking the train out to Ikea again to buy our bed frame and set up delivery.

Gimmie a week more; I think I'll be more confident with the public transit. Also, I'll have a toaster.

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