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Someone's getting a sternly worded e-mail

I was in bed this morning, trying desperately to sleep through the worst of my period cramps, and suddenly, I heard some music starting right outside my window. Yesterday, when The Husband and I were coming back from the grocery store, we saw some guys constructing a bandstand, and I made comment that I really hoped it wasn't actually a bandstand because I didn't want to wake up to people yelling into microphones about anything.

Well, guess what?


And, to be slightly fair, they started at 11:30, so I wasn't shaken out of bed at 8:00 AM. However, there is no place in my apartment I can go for refuge. I can hear them at the same volume throughout the entire apartment, and it's so loud, I can't drown them out with the television or music without being obnoxious.

What's worse is that the library is literally next door to us, and I can just imagine how thrilled the staff and students over there are if they can hear it (the walls are thicker there, they may not be hearing it nearly as much as I am).

And to add more insult to injury, there is a perfectly good place to set up across the quad that is not directly in the line of any campus housing or academic buildings. I have no idea why they didn't set up there, but then I'm using common sense.

As a final annoyance, I want it noted we received no advance notice for this little concert. No e-mail, no note in our mailbox, no RA knocking on our door to tell us that if we want to be in our apartment today, we'd better like listening to music we can't control.

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