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Screw it, I want my group

NaNo season is about to set off (15 days to go), and while the Portland group is certainly active and seems cool, they're also HUGE, and I'm willing to admit I'm not up for that. My old, beloved NaNo group was big online but small in person, and I loved that. The Portland group is big enough to require a check-in table, and while I certainly applaud the awesome ML who can run a group that large, it just makes me miss my badass writers.

So, this NaNo, I'm teaming up with the SgfMo crowd via virtual awesome. I have no idea for a novel, and I have no idea if I'll have time to write (Hi, grad school!), but damnit, if I'm gonna, I'm gonna do it with the people who got me through six NaNos. If anyone deserves my word count, it's those awesome folks.

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