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Different Day, only slightly different news

--I have a job! And I'll use my degree, and the first day was today, and it was lovely. Everyone seems very nice and eager for me to work with them, and it's wonderful. Considering how badly some people at my previous campus job thought of me, it's nice to go into an office not having to worry about someone getting passive-aggressive on me.

--I've come to realize that my wide net for my indy study is, in fact, too wide. Which means re-doing a lot of textual analysis to tighten up the research. Shit.

--San Diego Comic Con tickets were supposed to go on sale Monday. The CC servers apparently failed massively, and they won't have news about getting tickets until at least next Monday. I bring this up because I was trying to buy freaking tickets. Because, if we can get the tickets, The Husband and I are going to Comic Con. To which I'd like to add: HELL FUCKING YES

--I think we've officially settled in. We're still minus a group of friends, but that sort of thing takes time, and we're meeting people, so step one is getting completed.

--While I am not tired right now, I can tell I will be by the end of the week. To say I have "a lot" of homework is to grossly underestimate my amount of homework.

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